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From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 10/18/96

On Wed, 16 Oct 1996, Ebon Mists wrote:

> This email Copyright 1996 by Ebon Mists Productions. Reproduction or use, in
> part or whole, without express written permission of the author will bring 
> about severe legal action.
> You mean to tell me that by me typing that, if anyone quotes parts of this
> message back to the list without my permission, I have the right to sue, and
> WOULD win? I think any court in the United States would laugh that case
> right out the door.

I believe you are confusing things here. I know there exists some thing
known as 'fair use', and I also know that one of those implies that if the
copy is not used to earn money from it (or to avoid spending money, which
is the same thing) it could be considered 'fair use'.

Quoting someone, citing the source (email standard) is 'fair use', if
anyone went and wrote and article and put your text there without your
permission and without crediting you, then it would not be 'fair use'
(specially if sold) and you could sue him.

Just to note, email is considered legal evidence in most of the United

Also, witgh only the declaration of his players he could *indeed* win the
case, also, if he showed some drawings of the area with any proof that he
made them then he'd also win the case, also, if any friends of him
declared him doing it at the time he'd win too.

Anyways, the discussion here is not actually about suing, is about honor
and ethics, I think it has become pretty clear who has them and who don't.
He was only asking Imps to not use the areas if avoidable. He also stated,
very clearly, that if anyone was already using the areas he could not and
would not do anything agains them (by choice). So please, don't confuse

Oh, by the way, please stop writing 'copywrite' instead of 'copyright', it
genuinely looks as if you were talking about something else (not ot say it
looks awful).

Just my two cents.


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