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From: Derek L. Karnes (
Date: 10/18/96 wrote:
> Does anyone know of a way to limit weapons to a certain defined
> level?  So, make a weapon a lv 15 and up and lv14 and below levels
> can not wield it or use it.
> Is there anyone willing to share information on how to set it up?
> Thanx for anyone who helps,

I would make a new apply type (called APPLY_RESTRICT or the name of your
choice) to go on the weapon.. just like you can make a weapon APPLY_HIT
(in structs.h) you could add APPLY_RESTRICT (or even use APPLY_LEVEL,
its not used for anything).

Then in handler.c you could add your new apply type to affect_modify()
(where all the other APPLY_xxx things are) and have your case simply
remove the object from their grasp and send them a message (like
ANTI_EVIL gear does in equip_char() in handler.c) if the level of the
char is less than the parameter "mod" sent to affect_modify().

Actually, it would be better programmin gpractice to put the removal
code in equip_char().. look at the parameters sent to affect_modify()
in equip_char() to figure out whether the eq needs to be removed.

-Derek Karnes

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