Re: redit solution?
Date: 10/18/96

> Ok we tried to install this, and it didn't get rid of the redit problem
> with rooms appearing in zone 0 until the system is reset.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> I came across these when I first installed Oasis and kept forgetting to
> post them here.. hope they help someone...
> > diff -r1.1 redit.c
> > 277c277,278
> > <                       zone_table[room->zone].number,
> > ---
> > >                       zone_table[OLC_ZNUM(d)].number, /*Serapis mod */
> > >                       /*zone_table[room->zone].number,*/
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hmmmm... looks like this solution will work only if the persons 
olc (OLC_ZNUM(d)) is set for the zone they are editing... Usually imps in 
Oasis OLC have their olc value set to 0 still, because they don't have to 
mess with it since they can already edit any zone.  So try the same fix 
with your imms (not imps) and see if it works... Or you could always use
(room->[whatever the value for vnum is])/100... *grins*

--Pegasus of OnyxMUD

P.S. Any Unix wizards know if there is a way to see what is going on on a 
port?  Our port seems to have died today, we keep getting bind: address 
already in use, and no other processes on the machine should be using it...
The OS is Domain OS, the port# is 2222.  It worked just fine up until today.

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