[CODE] Looking for code snippet..

From: Steve Reeves (dormammu@voicenet.com)
Date: 10/18/96

Yes, yes.. I know what yer all thinking.. 'He's showing his inability to
code again!'  :>

But, no.. actually, I'm looking for a code snippet.  I swear I remember
seeing it on Furry's Code Snippet page, but it isn't there anymore, so I'm
hoping someone here has it.  It's basically a code bit that lets you
restrict certain races from being certain classes.  I tried coding it
myself, and made a big mess out of it.  [I thought for sure putting the some
code in the appropriate case that said, in effect, 'If the player is of the
Dwarven race, don't let him be this class.'  Maybe it didn't work because I
used the dread 'goto' command.  (A friend threatened to hurt me badly for
using goto... but I grew up using Basic.. it's habit!  :> )  Anyway, if
anyone knows where that code snippet is, or has it, please send it to me.. :>


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