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From: George (
Date: 10/18/96

On Fri, 18 Oct 1996, Brian Williams - Nashak wrote:

> well, I basically just need the CHNL_SPORTS thing fix.. I think.. I might
> be able to change it to like CHNL_GOSSIP or something? I have only looked
> at the struct ones and fixed the rest I think.. but any fixes will be
> helpful still.. =)

As I said in my previous (or next depending on receive timings),
that channel is a Stromism, playing from memory, he defined a whole
long integer for flags like PLR_ does to see if someone is on that
channel.  What you can do without assuming his channel method is
simply add it to the existing Circle function:

  void do_sports_chan(const char *txt, int on_chan);


  /* Array of flags which must _not_ be set in order for comm to be heard */
  static int channels[] = {
[etc] <-- add one here corresponding to value of SCMD_SPORT


  if (subcmd == SCMD_SPORT) {
    do_sports_chan(argument, channels[subcmd]);


Basic idea is to add a SCMD_x to interpreter.h, then I made
it call do_gen_comm(NULL, <whatever to display>, 0, SCMD_SPORT);

It could be defined as a hack if you like, but it works.
Don't forget to put this check above where you check for the
charmed pet thing or the mud won't like you.  Remember the
value in channels[], so your players can turn it off, and
don't bother with putting in messages since you'll only call
it from within the code.

George Greer,

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