Re: parse error??

From: Chi Hoai Tran (
Date: 10/19/96

On Fri, 18 Oct 1996, Admin of The Keep wrote:

> On Sat, 19 Oct 1996, Chi Hoai Tran wrote:
> > so I could go and fix it myself.  I have made extensive changes to
> > patch 11 to the point where I think its not worth the effort to patch
> > anything.
> >    Thanks in advance.
>   Funny, it takes about 20 minutes to update a heavily modified (cliched)
>   to the next patchlevel generally.  Sometimes less, sometimes more.  All
>   you have to do is try the patch and put in the rejects when neccessary;
>   you of course have to use common sense and not overwrite your own work,
>   but the patch file itself can only locate and change what it can find,
>   and it uses line numbers as well as content.  If the line it's looking
>   for is not there (or exactly the same as it is in the patch file) it
>   just won't patch it.  Plain and simple.
>   <*=-+Daniel+-=*>
>   "Forgive me father, for I am sin."

     Yes, funny that, but let me tell you what I have done -
     recoded the entire save object file format, made so much
     changes to fight.c I dont even recognise it anymore *laugh*,
     well, its too long to list - you have to realise that I am
     re-coding my SECOND version of the mud that has been up for two
     years now.
     And I aint talking about just having heaps of extra spells and
     skills - I am talking about re-coding gameplay, how players gain
     xp, how they lose levels when they die.  And heh, I dont even
     have a damn titles[] array anymore.

     And I am talking about a 30MB circle directory.  Heh, lets see,
     my builders can make mobs that casts spells without having
     to know any C code, and no, I aint using mobprog.  All the code
     are original because we (the coding team and I) are paranoid
     about bugs.

     So, next time someone says they have done extensive mods, please
     dont try to imply otherwise - its not appreciated.  And yes,
     I have tried using the patches and they took eternity - so I'd
     rather not, so dont imply they I dont know how to either..sheesh.


     Disclaimer :-
     I aint starting no flame war - I was just protecting my claim that
     I have done EXTENSIVE modifications!

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