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From: Jonathan Blackhawke (
Date: 10/19/96

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> From: Steve Reeves <>
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> Subject:  [CODE] Looking for a snippet..
> Date: Saturday, October 19, 1996 1:14 PM
> been about 14 hours
> now and I didn't get a copy of it back in my mailbox from the list, which
> means something probably messed up somewhere.  I was having a _lot_ of
> trouble with
> the mailserver, so I think that's the problem.  Anyway, here the message
> again, my apologies if I'm wrong and you've all seen this already.]
> ------
> Yes, yes.. I know what yer all thinking.. 'He's showing his inability to
> code again!'  :>
> But, no.. actually, I'm looking for a code snippet.  I swear I remember
> seeing it on Furry's Code Snippet page, but it isn't there anymore, so
> hoping someone here has it.  It's basically a code bit that lets you
> restrict certain races from being certain classes.  I tried coding it
> myself, and made a big mess out of it.  [I thought for sure putting the
> code in the appropriate case that said, in effect, 'If the player is of
> Dwarven race, don't let him be this class.'  Maybe it didn't work because
> used the dread 'goto' command.  (A friend threatened to hurt me badly for
> using goto... but I grew up using Basic.. it's habit!  :> )  Anyway, if
> anyone knows where that code snippet is, or has it, please send it to
me.. :>
> Steve
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