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From: Chi Hoai Tran (
Date: 10/19/96

>   Okay, let me tell you about what I'm talking about.  I'm talking about
>   no levels, no classes, 200+ spells, completely recoded spell templates,
>   an entirely new parser, an extremely complicated race implementation
>   that has affects everywhere throughout the code, a completely rewritten
>   fight.c, seven new files (parser.c, nanny.c, newbie.c, etc.), entirely
>   event driven source coed, dynamically added socials, completely changed
>   room/obj/mob file formats (COMPLETELY), most of the comm.c code has
>   been changed, no mana, etc., etc.  Too numerous to even go on, but I've
>   done a lot.  Looking at my MUD can tell you that.  So don't try to
>   disprove me when I'm making perfect sense.
>   <*=-+Daniel+-=*>
>   "Forgive me father, for I am sin."

   Heh, have I accused you of not making extensive mods??  I am quite
   impressed with your mods, but you are the one who said 2 hours
   work could be considered as extensive!  If you want to start listing
   all your muds features, then I might as well too.

   Races - duh, who hasnt made a complicated race structure??  I have
   racial limits ie. half giants with max dex of 14, str 19, int and wis
   of 14
   pixies - str 14, dex and int 19, mana regen 30% faster than norm
   heh, Aggressive mobs are only aggressive to OTHER races, and not
   against themselves or just players.

   Lets see what my mobs can do?  Some will summon you back if you 
   flee (and no spec_procs required - any builder can easily add it
   in their .mob file), some have dragonsbreath, some hunt you down,
   some talks, giving players hints etc - and all of these can be
   added without spec_procs.

   Umm, lets see, if you have 4 objects in the room, it will say
   A rook armour lies here [4], instead of the spammy standard.

   Talking about spells and skills, I've got spells that can be
   casted in the room, ie darkness - which makes the room dark,
   even after the caster has left the room.  Gate spell creates
   a portal, which remains open for a tic, that allows others
   to enter it and gets transferred to some destination, and they
   can look into the portal to see where they are going.

   I've redone the command parser so that people cant use tintin to
   send hundreds of commands to lag the mud or even crash it.  I
   have eliminated eq duping.

   Objects have a level limit, where players that are lower level cannot
   even pick it up, even if they are in a bag.  Objects are defined
   with material types, so that mages cannot wear metal equipment.
   I've got limited eq - which means that once a certain number of
   that eq has been collected by players, the zone will NOT load that
   eq anymore until they number lowers due to dts etc.

   Oh and heh, the NEW code has racial languages.

   DT victims can buy back their corpse (without their limited eq
   of course).

   Ah, look, like I said, there are TOO many things to list.  All I 
   wanted to point out was when I said I made extensive mods, I
   didnt appreciate you telling me that I could have spent 2 hours
   and claim I made extensive mods.  And I DID NOT accuse you of
   not making that either.  Your mud sounds large, and I consider
   mine to be large as  I aint gonna start saying who's is
   larger or whatever, that wasnt the point.

   Anyways, another reason why I listed some features was to give
   others some ideas they might like to implement.

   Ciao, happy mudding.

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