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Date: 10/19/96 (Steve Reeves) wrote: (Sun, 20 Oct 1996 00:03:07 -0400 (EDT))

 >  I've determined I'm the worst coder on the face of the Earth.. :>  [Well,
 >  look at it this way, I'm gonna be trying to recruit some experienced Circle
 >  coders soon to work on my MUD with me.. the list won't have to put up with
 >  me asking a question a day much longer :> ]
 >  Okay, anyway, today's dumb question involves the question I asked about
 >  restricting classes to certain races.  I got the snippet off Furry's page
 >  and looked at it and thought, "Hmmm.. I have it set up so you pick class
 >  before race.. so, this method won't quite work."  So, instead of altering it

A thought you might entertain:

Picking things off of a menu at creation time is both difficult to implement,
and provides little information to allow the character to make an informed
choice. With this in mind I propose the following:

Create a special area, just a few rooms, that all new characters enter
when they are created. In these rooms allow them to read whataver information
you wish to present, then give them a few commands.. for example:

RACE  -- used to select a race   e.g RACE DWARF or RACE HUMAN
CLASS -- used to select a class
SEX   -- Used to select sex.
ROLL  -- Reroll stats
VIEW  -- Get a list of the choices they've made about their char..
HOME  -- Maybe they could pick their home city.. or something.
DONE  -- Used to signify completion of character creation 
         (this checks to make sure they've 'filled in all the blanks'..
         and would be an easy place to put code to give them newbie
         gear, etc.)
The idea is that the rooms would direct them to the commands, and the
commands typed without an argument would display helpful information..
probably by just triggering the help routine.. so people can still
utilize help to get the info. 
It's a bit of work, but you are left with a system that allows a LOT
more flexibility, doesn't utilize CON_ state for capturing user input,
and can be extended easily to accomodate new ideas and features. 

My 2 cents...


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