[Off-Topic (?)] Hunger and Thirst

From: John Doe (mudguy@conan.ids.net)
Date: 10/20/96

I'm just curious as to whether other implementors have made it possible
for one to die of hunger or thirst... If you decide to make it possible
just because of reading this :P, just a reminder that you will have to
edit damage() in fight.c to let whatever new damage types you create for
it to still happen in peaceful rooms (if you do it this way... changing
hit and doing an update_pos() was pretty flaky in my mud...). I did it in
Alvoria... ( actually just finished doing it before this message... ) and
if you really want, I suppose you could come and see it for yourself,
though it's nothing all that special to see (hehe... would be funny if a
horde of people came in just to sit there and starve to death so they
could see it in action...). However, one question I have is why it wasn't
made in the stock code for this to happen... I think it's kindof neat
although pretty annoying from a player's point of view.

  - mendar

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