bitfields solved :D
Date: 10/20/96

well, i finally figured out one (of the many) problems with the
bitfield source code.

if anybody is considering using it, or even better, if the keeper of
the ftp site, could take a few seconds to fix it on the ftp site, the
change is quite simple:   

get rid of the existing IS_DARK macro, and replace it with:

#define IS_DARK(room)           (!world[room].light && \
                                 (world[room].room_flags.ROOM_DARK || \
                                  ((SECT(room) != SECT_INSIDE && \ 
                                    SECT(room) != SECT_CITY) && \ 
                                   (weather_info.sunlight == SUN_SET || \
                                    weather_info.sunlight == SUN_DARK))))

so just drop that in, and it should get rid of all the nasty warnings ;)

now, to figure out why it thinks AFF_POISON and the ITEM_WEAR_*
bitfields are undeclared functions... ;)

oh, and another change that would have to be made is to get rid of all
the #includes of the standard C libraries <stdio.h> <stdlib.h> etc.,
and put in conf.h and sysdep.h to all of them :P
(everybody keeps saying how gcc should be ignoring duplicate calls to
standard header files, but it always seems to give me problems anyway...)

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