[OBuild] [code] SEditor for OBuild.

From: Jeremy Davis (jdavis@unix.aardvarkol.com)
Date: 10/20/96

Hey All, For Anyone that Uses OBuild 06.  I was wandering how I can 
Implement  a Shop Editor that actually works? I went to The Circle Home 
Page and tried adding the One from their (Which I did EVERYTHING the Docs 
said to do) It kinda died on me.....  And wouldnt compile.... So I'm a 
Li`l Reluctant on re-adding it, BUT my builders are asking me why I 
havent Put in the SEditor.  If Anyone knows How to Install it, I would 
appriciate your response..   Thanks!


Jeremy Davis (Killer)    jdavis@aardvarkol.com | jdavis@unix.aardvarkol.com

   CEO - The UnForgiven Enterprises  ( http://www.aardvarkol.com/tufent/ )

 Implementor - Lost Order of the DAMNED  (telnet://unix.aardvarkol.com 6000)

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