Re: C.A.W. what is this? [quite newbie]

From: Alex (
Date: 10/21/96

> will these areas work with normal circleMUD or are these for a dffrent
> bbs? the reason I ask is I was looking and there are flags in there
> that I dont recall from mymud...
C.A.W. is a group that builds for standard DikuMuds, the thing CircleMUD
is based on (way back there at least).  Anyways, the areas should work
just fine on CircleMUDs with a bit of tweaking since the flags in them
are currently for DikuMud.  Grab the Builders' Handbook for the complete
flag list and then just change 'em over to the CircleMUD flags.

Oh, and the areas are not even for a bbs, they are for muds.  Big

Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.

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