Re: [NEWBIE] Syserr (fwd)

From: Mark Crichton (
Date: 10/21/96

> SYSERR: ch->in_room = NOWHERE when equipping char.
> I am running pretty much stock circle with a few additions right now
> (Circle3.0bpl11) ummm any suggestions on what to look for or where to 
> look, or even what to do would be helpful, or if you need more info... 

Lemme test my ESP.... Did you add the autoeq patch.  Yes, well, then this is
the problem :)

It's nothing major, but to avoid things like this, do the following (assuming
your on UNIX)

man grep
man ctags
man gdb (or info if your a sadist)

These 3 utilities will carry you afar when it comes to coding in UNIX.


grep "NOWHERE when eq" *.c

will find all occurances of "NOWHERE when eq" in all the *.c files.  Then using
your editor of choice (vi and XEmacs for me ... and NO, I'm not starting a holy
war here :) ), find the string.  Ctags helps here since it shows (some) 
interdependence between function calls, so you can track bugs down.  It also
helps to know your editor inside and out (and I mean inside and out, buy a book
if you have to (my GNU Emacs book from ORA is a pretty good reference).

If you didn't install the autoeq patch, then, as many good UNIX programming
books mention, " exercise left up to the reader..."

Take care,
Mark Crichton

(and BTW, if anybody out there sees the mail as from: To bla bla and not as
from Mark Crichton, could someone tell me what's broken here with elm?  Or is
it something more deeply rooted (I'm convinced our CC is run by rabid gnats))

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