[CODE] Another Form of Portal

From: Søren Peter skou (tigerdyr@internet.dk)
Date: 10/22/96

Hi all.

I've been looking over the portal codes on the ftp site, they all seem
nice. I just need a direction (or a little help, I'm pretty stuck here)
for something like this :

A spell called Name, Arcane Name or something like that, going like this
Cast 'arcane name'

The god of all languages stand before you and tell you 'sazabul'

e.g. the room you are in is VNUM 3004, whereas had you been in e.g.
12345 then the answer would have been something like 'thunyza' so that
no matter what number room you were in, the answer would be 7 chars long
and actually sound like something (a word so to speak). Next of all, the
spell 'Portal' or teleport witout error should work like this :

Cast 'portal' sazabul

And then end up in VNUM 3004.

Hum, seems like I'm trying to make a code that can translate VNUMS into
some kind of word, maybe even depending wether you're a mage or a
cleric. (comes later though). Anyone has an idea on how to do this? (or
has made it already??), I would appreciate every help or suggestions I
can get on this one (as said from starters, I'm pretty stuck)

/Soren is once again outta here.
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