Re: [CODE][??newbie??] adding levels

From: Ron Cole (
Date: 10/23/96

>byte level;

>my question: what should I do about this warning? from what some of the 
>comaprisons were in (do_save, do_kill, do_steal, etc..) it doesn't look 
>like I can just iognore this, so what should I do about this? am I 
>missing something?

Well, for starters, that looks like a signed byte field, which means it has a
range of +/-127.  I don't see any reason for negative levels, so change it to
unsigned which has a range of 0-255.  I have no idea what this might do to the
code or any existing data files, but if you want more than 127 levels, you're
gonna need to fix this part first.


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