Re: Circle level change

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 10/23/96

>    I recently ftped your circleMUD code from an ftp site.
> I have a little experience with diku, and I am now trying to convert
> an old diku code over to circle.
>    The problem i am having (right now) is that I can't seem to get the 
> max levls and immortal levels successfully changed. 
>    I have tried subscribing to the group you mention in your README file and 
also writing the 
> also writing to the address you sited for help.

The CircleMUD Mailing List has moved to (write to to subscribe).

Changing the max levels requires many source changes as of patchlevel 11,
but someone submitted a document to the ftp site
( which explains how to
do it.  Future patchlevels should be easier to change in this regard.

>    I see that you mention it in the table of contents of the coding.doc
> so I was wondering if you have done more work on that doc file
> maybe you could send the unfinished fiel to me
> id appreciate it.

It's not done yet; I've been working on the code and the other 
documentation (and my real-life job. :-))


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