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From: Michael Scott (
Date: 10/24/96

On Thu, 24 Oct 1996, Daniel W. Burke wrote:

> code spam deleted.

	Heh, i forgot i posted all that.. hrm.. well i tell you what.. as 
soon as i finish my current project (a better version of the 
improved_edit patch which hopefully has alot less bugs and ALOT more 
functionality).. ill attempt to make a stock circle (with the oasis 
patch) into an aedit working circle.. and then i can possibly load that 
patch to the ftp site.. BUT, if you have changed your mud at ALL from the 
stock circle.. it will obviously not work right... due to the fact that 
you have to edit every line in the master command list.. i really dont 
think an effective patch CAN be made for it.. but i will attempt it.
	No promises tho.  Actually i think i did a GOOD job of explaining 
what needed to be done in that last post.  But the current version im at 
now.. also supports bodyparts and obj socials.  We'll see..

Oh some tantalizing details on the upcoming new_and_improved_editor.patch:
	commands like:
	/a (abort)
	/c (clear buffer)
	/d# or /d#-# (delete lines)
	/e# <text> (changes a lines text)
	/i# <text> (insert text before line #)
	/f[i] (format text with or without indent)
	/l , /l# or /l#-# (lists lines in buffer)
	/n , /n# or /n#-# (lists lines in buffer with line #'s shown)
	/r 'pattern' 'replacement' (replace occurance of pattern with
	/ra 'pattern' 'replacement' (replace all occurances)
	/s (saves :>)
	(handles loading stuff into the buffer prior to entering the editor, so 
that players can edit pre-existing texts..)

	Really its what a GOOD editor should offer, and prolly circle's 
biggest downfall right now...
	Expect it up on the site in another day or so.. still playtesting 
so i dont get spammed with flames for bad code :>

		Michael Scott -- "Living in the Eye of the Hurricane"

ps. does anyone have preferences on patch formats.. (minimum context's? 
ed format.. etc.)
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