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Date: 10/24/96

> From:          Ebon Mists <>
> Subject:         [code] [prob] (fwd)
> To:   (CircleMUD)
> Date:          Thu, 24 Oct 1996 09:32:36 -0500 (CDT)
> And do we really need all those flags?
> [code][prob]

> I think that's what the title of it is. Now that's a little unnecessary I
> think. The damn header is so long I cannot see the subject of the message.
> Can we please chill out on the headers we use, it's getting rediclous.
> Besides the fact that [prob] is not necessary. If I went in that frame of
> mind this message would have looked like:
> [code][prob][headers][flaming][too long]
> Lets all just chill a bit with the headers. I like to actually SEE the
> message subject every now and then.
AMEN!!! not to be rude but a few of these headers are to long...

or at least can we cut some of these down... like not placing the 
CODE if your message doesabt have any code in it... I remember when 
this started.... now everyone places [CODE] in the header even if 
there just asking where the snippit page is.... I dont think there is 
a need to place [code] in the header if you are asking for help with 
code eather.... just get to the point in the sub. IE.
looks a lot better then....
[newbie][code]I N|
                                         ^--- got cut here =:)
#1 the only time I put NEWBIE on a header is if I feel like a REAL 
fool fot not knowing it =:) also what is with this OFF-TOPIC? half 
the mail on here is OFF-TOPIC, also can we all start posting circle 
items like we were for a week..... I would post one but unless you 
want a FEAST spell or a DISARM skill I dont have a lot to offer.... 
=:) I did finish the battle prompt.. I posted it before.. but it was 
buggy then... now it is A++. if you want it just let me know....

(P.S. if I every type BBS instead of MUD excuse me... I am running a 
mud and a bbs... and my fingers get crosed sometimes =:)
Realms of Reality....
telnet:// PORT: 4000
***HD crashed... lost old SIG... will have to deal with it till L8R =:)
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