Re: [Code] New Eq Positions

From: Johan Dustler (
Date: 10/24/96

I can see your point there. The reason for my answer was that the
original poster had rearranged the eq positions, and because of 
that the mobs was wearing their eq in the wrong places.

Rearranging the eq positions shouldn't be a problem, if you want
to either edit all the zone files or if you aren't using any world
files from the circle distributions.

But if you do, and want the eq list to look a specific way, you'll
have to add something like what I suggested. Maybe with your idea
for the eq searches added.

> From: Admin of The Keep <>
> On Thu, 24 Oct 1996, Johan Dustler wrote:
> > The easy way to fix this is to not rearrange where, equipment_types,
> > wear_bitvectors or already_wearing, just add at the end of the lists.
> > Otherwise you will have to go in and edit all zone files.
> > 
> > Then you can use a wear_pos[] array in the look at function to let the
> > new eq positions show up where you want them to be.
>   Once again, I would NOT recommend doing this.  It can cause problems
>   because the way the eq is displayed and how it is searched depends
>   on one another.  Unless you're going to change generic_find() to use
>   the re-ordered array, you'll end up with problems.
>   To note, a problem will arise when you have a re-ordered display of eq
>   but the eq list is still traversed in the old order.  The result would
>   be that if you are wielded a wooden training sword, with the keywords
>   "sword wooden training" and holding a small woodens shield, with the
>   keywords, "shield wooden small," the command <remove 2.wooden> won't
>   remove the one shown as the second.  For instance, it displays:
>     <wielded>		a wooden training sword
>     <held>		a gnarled wooden staff
>     <worn as shield>	a small, wooden shield
>   Now, each of these would have the keyword wooden.  The reordered display
>   would show them like the above, when they would truthfully be organized
>   (and thus searched) as shield, held, wielded.  So the player would think
>   that 3.wooden would point to the shield, but it actually finds the
>   sword.  And remove wooden would remove your shield.  In this case,
>   remove 2.wooden would still point to the staff.
>   So either avoid using this method or change all eq searches in the code
>   to use the reordered array for indexing.
>   Both methods shouldn't be too difficult, but since I don't see why you'd
>   want to change the order of the eq list anyway, the first sounds better.
> -dak
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