From: Gerald Wichmann (
Date: 10/25/96

I'm a newbie coder so plz bear with me.. I have successfully compiled the
circlemud code and added 20 races to it successfully.  I then spent some
time playing the game and find it odd that my new characters don't start
with any equipment or any gold to buy anything.  I can't go into any dark
areas (there seem to be an abundance of them) cuz i can't afford a torch or
even a dagger to fight with.  I've been searching through the code looking
for an area that initializes new characters and the only part i can really
find it the stats..  I would like to assign gold to a starting player based
on their class.  What .C or .H file should i be lookign in?  anyone have a
little code to share?  i'm sure this is really simple..

also now that i've added races i'd like to see that information displayed
and restructure what is shown when someone types SCORE.. where can i modify

also i'd like to restructure what is shown when HELP is typed.. where is this?

yes i've read the faq and looked through all the docs i've been able to
find.. great appreciate the help!


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