[code] adding races with race.doc

From: Todd Aithkins (aitkins@eskimo.com)
Date: 10/26/96

I'm using race.doc to add 14 races to my mud i was doing great right up
until the part where it say's:

Now replace the description of void roll_real_abils(...) with this one
 *Roll the six stats for a character...each stat is made up of the sum of
 *the best 3 out of 4 rolls of a 6 sided die.  Each class then decides
 *which priority will be given for the best to worst stats. Race also
 *affects stats.
(and that's all it say's for that part)

Can anyone clue me in on what the heck i'm suppoesed to do and maybe give
me like a sample one to look at......

I'm very stuck right now


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