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From: Michael Scott (
Date: 10/27/96

On Sun, 27 Oct 1996, Cyber Reaper wrote:

> > That is cool, also idealy I would like a code editor. :)
> while were at it... how about a way to assign spec_procs in OLC 
> fassion... heck... a online spec_proc editor would be even beter =:)
> (it may look like I am jokeing... but those would be great... TO 
> BUILDER "build your own spec proc!!!!" =:)   )
	Heh, like i said, I don't do requests, these patches are just a 
few good commands that I felt the whole circlemud community could benifit 
from, because they make the files that each olc works on more important 
than having or not having the olc.  Really, most of the patches that I 
wrote are not hard.  Its just yer basic grunt coding.  Each one maybe has 
2-3 really original thoughts in it, while the rest was based off similar 
code elsewhere in circle.
	Also, for those of you who are using obuild type olc's instead of 
oasis, I am slowly combining the 2 forms of olc on my mud, and will 
eventually get around to converting the patches over to obuild style 
patches also.  But, we're talking months from now.  Sorry.

	Just an idear, as to what you would need to do to make something 
like online special programs happen in some sort of olc command, start of 
with the event code that is at the ftp site.  Add in the basic mobprogs 
patch, and improved_edit patch for the editor.  Now, change over how 
mobprogs works, to apply to ALL things in the mud, not just mobiles.. 
rooms, objs, etc..  and define ways of attaching the programs to them.  
Then write a progedit command that does the work of changing the program 
to whatever.  (most of it would be the text editor where you actually 
wrote the program).  You could make another directory in your world dir 
called "prg" and then inside have numbered files (by zone) ending with ".prg"
and at boot time read these files in and hold them in memory.
	So the progedit command would take a number as its argument .. 
just like redit or medit ..  Then in redit and medit give the user the 
option of adding triggers to the room/mobile/objs.. all the trigger has 
to be is the type (get, drop, enter, use, wield, remove etc..) and which 
program to spawn (by number) ... and at what target (the player who 
triggered, the room he is in, or at the object).
	Also, you would want a command inside the 'programed behaviours' 
that could spawn another program.
	Now, when the program gets triggered.  Load it on the event 
queue.  Then adjust the event queue so that it goes line by line through 
the program and does what it needs.
	Tough? Yes.  Impossible .. not at all.  I've seen probably 2-3 
muds already with totally online editable programs more anything in the mud.
(although granted i dont think any where circle based)

                      Michael Scott -- "Living in the Eye of the Hurricane."

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