[code] TAR_ Thingies..

From: Søren Peter skou (tigerdyr@internet.dk)
Date: 10/27/96

Wee It's me again,

Oki now I got so long that to decide that What i Need is a new TAR_ 

So I would like to make a TAR_PORTAL, but ehe.. I REALLY don't get what
to put where in this case ..

the definitions is pretty easy : in spells.h #define TAR_PORTAL  2048
(next available thing) so far so good, now here's where my problem
starts, I've also found the  TAR_?? in the do_cast command, but my
problem lies in that I would like to have a text put in there (shouldn't
be that hard imho) so that cast 'portal' cocomo would give me cocomo to
work with in ASPELL(portal)

something like a definition like this :

spello(SPELL_PORTAL, 75, 50, 1, POS_STANDING, 

so that in the manual spell I could work with cocomo, and translate it
into something else. Has nobody been up to something like this?? Noone
actually go. 

I got a suggestion as to make it a command instead, but it's not a
command like bash or backstab (circle for that matter), but a Spell that
should be cast.

Hope someone can decode what I'm trying to say here.

/Soren is confused about TARS
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