Windows 95 compiling errors

From: buckshot (
Date: 10/27/96

I have Windows '95 and MSVC++ 4 and got the mud to compile fine intially,
rooms, mobj, obj, etc can be modified successfully.  But when I try to add
races, from the new race .doc that was in a message on the list here about
a week ago (or the race.doc on the ftp site) I get about 100 errors...
Most of them related to my sysdep.h needing strings.h or string.h to
compile (this error did not show up on initial comilation) and I don't have
either, however, when I go into sysdep.h and remove the line that asks for
string.h and strings.h (which says it is system dependant)I get even more
thanks inadvance...

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