Re: How to dupe eq cookbook

From: Sammy (
Date: 10/28/96

On Tue, 29 Oct 1996, Chi Hoai Tran wrote:

- 1/  Lagging the mud way
- SOLUTION :- (Heh, of course I would print solutions to this :)
- 1/  Get rid of pets?? (Very drastic, but easy option)
- 2/  Make a check for how many followers the player has, and limit
-     them.  On Dark Realms, they can only have 6 other mobs following them.
-     Do a loop of ch->followers etc...

I'm thinking:
3/ Keep track of command repetitions.  In the command interpreter, check
   the current command against the last command, and if equal increment a
   a repetition counter.  Set a limit on command repeats and maybe ignore
   the command until it changes.
4/ Keep track of commands per second, or per 10 seconds.  Set a limit that
   won't inconvenience speedwalkers and skip command_interpreter for that
   person for a while (ex: the limit is 30 commands per 10 seconds and a
   player issues 30 in 5 seconds, so they get a 5 second wait).  You could
   use the stock circle wait states to cut down on that.

As long as you're fixing an eq duping problem, might as well cut down on
their spam ability.  I'd definitely limit pets tho.  Nothing like leaving
several hundred pets in the temple to piss people off.


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