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From: Sammy (
Date: 10/28/96

On Mon, 28 Oct 1996 wrote:

- RH Green writes:
- >I have just installed the snippet that does multi attacks. But when a 
- >monster is close to death the mud crashes when it is hit repeatedly ?? any 
- >ideas how to avoid this ??? Sorry about hasseling you.
- This happened to me too.  I wrote a routine that calculated the number of 
- attacks one obtained as a function of haste/slow and multi-attack status.  
- It then called hit from fight.c the requested number of times.  The routine 
- worked fine until the mob died when the mud crashed.
- According to gdb termination occurred at this line in the hit function in 
- fight.c:
-   if (ch->in_room != victim->in_room) {
-     if (FIGHTING(ch) && FIGHTING(ch) == victim)
-       stop_fighting(ch);

When victim dies, it's extracted with extract_char(victim).  Once that
happens, any more attacks will crash the mud when you try to access
victim->in_room.  You need a check to make sure victim is a non-null


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