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From: Ebon Mists (
Date: 10/29/96

> *lurk mode disengaged*
> *whining mode on*
> There's worse on here than patch only users.  You mention it in passing,
> but what kills me are the people who wish to _RUN_ a mud when they don't
> know C or C++, or any knowledge of unix.
> The problem with circlemud is the proplem with to much of the 'net,
> newbies can jump in without getting their feet wet first.
> I don't care if you don't like my ideas (such as you are a dweeb if you
> don't have the proper background for imping a mud.)  Learn to code, get a
> book on unix/linux and get some expience.   Now stop and think. Especially
> over the last two weeks, if everyone had done this, how many messages 
> would have been sent to this mailing list?

Very few.

> I think the persistant newbie-ness of the questions drives off experienced
> programmer's/mud admins like the plague.  Other than the Dup eq posts and
> the improved editor, most of the recent circle mailing list is junk mail.
> The rest is "I don't know what i'm doing in c/unix/linux."  Hardly Circle
> at all.

I can say for a fact that when I have 30 emails in my box, about 27 get
deleted because of things like:
Subject lines with: How do I do races?
These subject lines: [code][newbie][races] <rest of subject unseen>
And others.

I have lots of code, and lots of ideas, but when the list is flooded with
crap that is explained in the FAQ, or stuff you could learn with a little
bit of self-motivation and desire to learn, as opposed to bugging everyone
on the list with the DUMBEST of questions (like gdb says: parse error in
line 345, and you cant frigging match up the damn ()'s or check for ;'s), I
really have no desire to read half of the stuff on here. Only reason I dont
unsubscribe is because occassionally, good stuff DOES come through on here.

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