OasisOLC/Linux problem

From: Ole Gjerde (gjerde@plains.nodak.edu)
Date: 10/29/96

Since my host upgraded Linux to 2.0.18, I've been having some problems 
with OasisOLC(mostly medit).

I'm mostly asking to see if anyone else have been having problems with 
that on Linux version > 2.0.0.  I have asked them to upgrade to 
2.0.24(when it comes out) just to make sure there is not some bug in that 
version of Linux that would do this.

I have located the problem somewhat.  It's mostly medit that is the 
problem, but if I edit an existing mob it works fine.  If I edit a mob 
that doesn't exist, and just hit 'q', without changing anything, it quits 
out and gives me a prompt.  But the next thing i type and hit enter, it 
always crashes.  The crash is always in cleanup_olc();, I can't remember 
which statement right now.  If I edit an non-existing mob, and change 
something, and type y to save it internally, it crashes right away on 
"free(mob_index);", this is after where it renumbers the mobs.

This would be fine and all, but the weird part is that it worked fine 
when the machine was running 1.2.13, but now with 2.0.18, it wont work.

btw: This is not my bug.  It also happens with a clean circle30p9 with 
the OasisOLC patch.

Ole Gjerde
Homepage: http://www.pconline.com/~gjerde
Email: gjerde@plains.nodak.edu, gjerde@pconline.com
Studying Computer Science at North Dakota State University
"Unix _IS_ user friendly... It's just selective about who its friends are."
                                                  -- Unknown/Nem Schlecht

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