[Bug Report?]

From: Ron Hensley (ron@cross.dmv.com)
Date: 10/29/96

Hey I just noticed that while all these nice skills set a WAIT_STATE
on players, like kick skill for instance. and when you cast any magical
spell, that NO WHERE in stock circle code, is a check made that you have a
wait state on you, nor is it ever decreased. At least none that i could

What keyed me to it was snooping a player and noticing that a 'flip' spell
that works like kick, makes player lose two rounds, and mob 3 if you are
successful, NEVER caused the player to lose a round, while the poor mob
LOST his rounds. Thus the player flipped OVER and OVER and OVER and never
got a chance to hit.

So by this clue, id say i did not just miss anything. I went and unpacked
the stock circle source code and looke din it. There as well there is a
nice check in fight.c for the mobs WAIT_STATE's, dcreases it, bails if a
wait state is on, this is preform_violence by the way, but there as well,
no checks on the player anywhere???????

Im adding the checks for players in preform violence and also do_cast, not
a decrememt there, just dont let them cast till the wait state has passed.

Am I missing something obvious to everyone else here? Or is this a
bug/missing elelment to stock circle?

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