Re: [Bug Report?]

From: Ron Hensley (
Date: 10/29/96

> Make your SPELL/SKILL set a WAIT_STATE for Both the Victim and the 
> Character when they use that spell or skill.  Though My MUD is still in 
> its building stages right now we've added many Skills that use WAIT_STATE 
> for both Victim and Character!

No you dont understand. Many Skills/Spells DO set a wait state on both of
them. However NOWHERE in stock code is the players wait_state checked to
keep them from hitting next round. Players can bash a mob, it goes out for
a round and cant hith the player. Howver if you look at do_bash
the player gets a wait_State of two rounds. Yet the player does NOT get
paused 2 rounds. Will keep write on swinging, and worse yet can bash again
immediately, thus the mob NEVER gets a chance.

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