Re: [CODE] Auction System

From: George (
Date: 10/30/96

On Wed, 30 Oct 1996 wrote:

> I got the auction file off the ftp site and I tried to 'drop' it in and 
> got several compiler errors some undefines and such and was wondering if 
> anyone else has a different auction system, otherwise I'll just write my 
> own and bug the mailing list for ideas. <grin> Thanks.

One of the auction codes (mine) was written in bpl11 on a Linux
machine.  Shouldn't matter a whole lot about Linux because I don't
have system headers in mine, but if you're an older patch you might
have to fix stuff, mail me the make if necessary.

ps - I guess I'll get around to fixing my auction code, mistakenly
	left out a check to see if the current bid is greater than
	the minimum...duh

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