need help with memory fault.

From: Cyber Reaper (
Date: 10/30/96

ok, I am geting a memory fault and me nor my coders are able to track 
down the bad code... if someone could help me out I REALY need it =:)
thank you....

----gdb snip----
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x5caf8 in str_dup (source=0x0) at utils.c:73
73        CREATE(new, char, strlen(source) + 1);
(gdb) bt
#0  0x5caf8 in str_dup (source=0x0) at utils.c:73
#1  0x63572 in oedit_parse (d=0x365800, arg=0xefbfd7d8 "2") at
#oedit.c:1257 2  0x4294f in nanny (d=0x365800, arg=0xefbfd7d8 "2") at
#interpreter.c:1392 3  0x22ee in game_loop (mother_desc=6) at
#comm.c:602 4  0x18ce in init_game (port=4000) at comm.c:246 5  0x17d0
#in main (argc=3, argv=0xefbfdbd8) at comm.c:216

----end gdb----

--utils.c str_dup code--
/* Create a duplicate of a string */
char *str_dup(const char *source)
  char *new;

  CREATE(new, char, strlen(source) + 1);
  return (strcpy(new, source));
---end snip---
---snip for call in oedit.c---
    case 2:
         SEND_TO_Q("Enter the extra description: (/s saves /h 
forhelp)\r\n\r\n", d);
          d->backstr = NULL; if
         (OLC_OBJ(d)->description) {
           SEND_TO_Q(OLC_OBJ(d)->description, d);
           d->backstr = str_dup(OLC_DESC(d)->description);
         d->str = &OLC_DESC(d)->description;
         d->max_str = MAX_MESSAGE_LENGTH;
         d->mail_to = 0;
         OLC_VAL(d) = 1;

can anyone help? this has put building to a major hold... and its 
just driveing us CRAZY!!!!! thanks....
Realms of Reality....
telnet:// PORT: 4000
***HD crashed... lost old SIG... will have to deal with it till L8R =:)
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