Re: The PerfectMUD? Just an opinion

From: Christopher M. Ryan (
Date: 10/31/96

I would just like to say two things.

	1) The interface (or options and commands) a user has is not the most
imppportant thing. Think about it. if all muds were identical to this point
mudding would be easier on a whole with a user only haveing to learn a few
new things rather than an entire system for every mud he/she plays on. I
have personally experienced this myself. I can't even get onto a circleMud
mud without getting confused on how to do something. On the other hand some
people like different types of interfaces and you can attract lose people
due to this factor.

	2) MOST IMPORTANT ingredient in a mud.... CREATIVITY and ORIGINALITY! You
may say the originality is the interface but think about it! how many
people really look at the interface for whether they think a mud is
interesting (unless your a coder ;> ) For example i could go to the great
mud connector pick 10 random muds and i bet over half will all start in...
can anyone guess??? Midgaard. If i log onto a mud and see you stand in
midgaard temple i type quit and delete the char right there.

	3) ok i lied, besides this i my opinion here. I am removing all the gossip
and such commands to restrict communications. I know that there are others
who have and will do the same for various reasons so you really don't know
what people want. If you really want to try and make a new mud fix bugs,
and maybe do somethings like make a mud that uses ques and linked lists
instead of the way stock circle does it. add some whaco feature(s) that
would specific to your mud (at least until everyone copies it :) (i.e.
write a special client that can do something cool with your mud like
translate special chars like HTML does!?.) maybe make your mud C++ ;)

	No matter what you do, i hope all agree with me, Have Fun! and good luck.

Christopher M. Ryan

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