From: Mud Administrator (
Date: 10/31/96

I've installed the patch for autoloot... The problem it doesnt work, and 
I cant figure out where its doing something wrong, but I have figured 
out enuff to realize that somewhere somethings going wrong with the 
value of the AUTOLOOT pref or something like that, I traced back through 
all of the macros and they all should work.... I'm not shure of 
the best way to get help from you guys so, here are the lines with stuff 
to do with autoloot

interpreter.c:221:  { "autoloot" , POS_DEAD , do_gen_tog , 0,

^Just defines the command for autloot, shouldn't be a porb here

act.other.c:885:  case SCMD_AUTOLOOT:  
act.other.c:886: result = PRF_TOG_CHK(ch, PRF_AUTOLOOT);  

^logical place to create an error but still seems to work?

constants.c:181:  "AUTOLOOT",

^This flag shows up using stat <char>

fight.c:762:  PLR_FLAGGED(ch, PRF_AUTOLOOT));  

^part of my debugging to display the values from the if statement below
^IS_NPC(victim) returns a non-zero(which is good) IS_NPC(ch) returns 
^0(also good), and PLR_FLAGGED(ch, PRF_AUTOLOOT) returns 0, not good at all

fight.c:766:  if ((IS_NPC(victim)) && (!IS_NPC(ch)) && (PLR_FLAGGED(ch, 

^the whole point of the autoloot

interpreter.h:112:#define SCMD_AUTOLOOT 16
structs.h:177:#define PRF_AUTOLOOT      (1 << 22) /* Autoloots corpse  

^^ defining stuff for autoloot

*8If this is a real easy problem to fix and I'm just missing something, 
smack me in the head and point me in the direction of it, if you need 
more, I can copy'n'paste more code**

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