Re: The PerfectMUD? Just an opinion

From: Christopher M. Ryan (
Date: 10/31/96

< Cut all because it was way too much. >

	You make a good point with your arguments of everything being connected
and I agree with you on most of it. The point that i was really trying to
make (and i know some people with disagree with me) is that there might be
more muds worth looking at if people spent as much if not more time on
creating their world. I also realize that to create good worlds you need to
do coding to go along with it but that is part of creating the world. To me
it just doesn't make any sense when you have special commands to do all
sorts of stuff but 90% of it seems to be useless in the enviroment. I have
nothing with seeing areas reused because i have done a few areas myself and
realize it can very difficult. I know that alot of this is my opinion but
maybe it would help if i told you that if i had to shoot for one of the
styles produced by the combinations you mentioned i would shoot for social
or role playing. The reason for this and the previous post is that i want
to explore new worlds. Otherwise it is like starting life again in the same
area you lived previously just having differnet privledges or skills.

Christopher M. Ryan

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