Re:[Circle] Purge causing a crash now..

From: Sammy (
Date: 11/01/96

On Thu, 31 Oct 1996, Amy & Ryan Biggs wrote:

- >-and now a new one right after I use purge, seg fault.
- Sounds like an OLC problem.  I had problems with the OLC in that when I
- editted a mob or object and it was in existance in the MUD, it would mess
- up the strings of the mob, then when I tried to purge it, kablooie.

Yep that sounds a lot like the problem with saving mobs and objects that
already exist.  Purging them will most likely cause a segfault, and since
purge with no arguments purges the room (right?), you crash.  SOmehow I
suspect that isn't the case tho, since you probably aren't edidint things
every time this happens.

Anyway, for those few of you still using obuild, there's a partially
bugfixed version of at  It isn't
much, but I fixed the above string saving problem, fixed the rare problem
of endless object files being written to disk, and fixed the mstat
hitpoint bug, as well as included the bugfixes in the obuild.06.bugfix


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