Re: [Circle] [code] fighting

From: Ron Cole (
Date: 11/02/96

On Sat, 2 Nov 1996, Mud Administrator wrote:

> Ok, I'm trying to code in a ranged attack system for my mud
> using 3 ranges: long, short, and medium
> anyways, I've more or less figured everything out that I need to make it
> possible except for in fight.c
> since I want weapons to be able to only work perfectly in one range I
> want to make something in fight.c that lowers hitrolls by certain amounts
> for different ranges.... anyways, I'm trying to figure out the most
> effecient way to deal with the hitroll

If you're talking simple penalties/bonuses to hitroll, just use a 3 by 3
matrix to hold your adjustments.

        Short Medium Long
Short     0     -3    -5
Medium   -1      0    -3
Long     -3     -1     0

Assign values of 0,1,2 to RANGE_SHORT, RANGE_MEDIUM, RANGE_LONG or some
such and you're all set.


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