[Circle] [OLC] New obuild

From: Sammy (samedi@clark.net)
Date: 11/03/96

I've finally taken the time to fix a lot of the really nasty bugs in
obuild, especially the zone editor.  I'm not sure if the zedit create
crashbug is fixed since I haven't been able to duplicate it.  If someone
would be willing to give me temporary access to a machine that has this
crashbug I'd really appreciate it.

Here's a list of bugs I've fixed (that I can remember):

Crashbug associated with saving mobs/objects that already exist
Mstat hitpoints display
Object extra description infinite loop bug
"Remove" reset command display crashbug
Memory allocation crashbug in add_zone (possible cause of zedit create bug)
zflags crashbug when used in a zone with no resets
memory allcation crashbugs in add_reset_com
crashbug associated with stating and zflagging the top zone
various memory leaks and code cleanups

Many thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports, especially Daniel
Burke, who pointed out a lot of problems.  The only bug I'm aware of that
might still be there is the zedit create bug.

This one won't compile as is, since I added mob and object deletion
capabilities (or rather didn't bother taking it out of the code I was
working on).  All you need to do is edit structs.h and add an "int
deleted;" to struct index_data, or take out the deletion code.  To use the
new feature, type oedit delete <object number>.  Same goes for medit
delete.  THe object or mob will continue to exist until the mud is
rebooted, so you can use oedit undelete <#> if you change your mind.  Note
that this is strictly an imp command.  I'll make it available o builders
in a later version.


p.s. In case you can't read my mind, it's here:


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