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From: Brian Guilbault (guil9964@nova.gmi.edu)
Date: 11/04/96

Hi Guys-

I've got another one for you. I am coding flying in my MUD. I have the AFF
flag working great and it can be set with both a spell and by items that 
the player is using/wielding or whatever. The flag gets set fine and it 
shows up on the stat screen on the player just like it should.

The problem is in the movement routine. In do_simple_move where it 
calculates movement cost, I changed it to something like this (no code in 
front of me...I'm at work here):

  movent_loss = 1;
  movement_loss = (move_cost[SECT_TYPE[ch->to_room] + move_cost 
[SECT_TYPE[ch->in_room]) / 2;

or whatever that last part is. I didn't change that part. Anyway, I also 
added a check to see if the char was flying and the to_room was INDOORS, 
that he can't move there. The problem is that the move cost is still the 
same as it used to be, and the char can still fly indoors. I added 
log("Flying") and log("Not flying") to the movement_loss calculations and 
when I move the character, I don't see either of the messages, however, 
every pule I see several "Not Flying" messages as mobs move. I checked to 
see if that above calculation is for mobs only, but it doesn't look like 
it is. What am I missing here? It seems like the mud never recognizes a 
character as flying, but is further complicated by the fact that I don't 
get a "Not Flying" logged when the player moves.

Any Help?


Brian Guilbault - GMI Engineering Institute
E-mail: guil9964@gmi.edu, dante@i-55.com
WWW: http://apollo.gmi.edu/~guil9964
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