[Circle] [circle][code]Need help on races..PLEASE!

From: Dan Johnson (danpatti@dreamscape.com)
Date: 11/04/96

 Hi My name is Dan Johnson, and I run a MUD out of Syracuse NY. I 
 basicaly just started it, and am now putting in races with the help of 
 the race.docs.
 I seem to be having a problem, though...
 I am presently running circle30bpl11.
 Using a unix bsdi
 Umm...here's the deal...it's all done, but i am getting an error
 I cant seem to figure out.
 It says when it compiles..:
    in function 'nanny'
 interpreter.c:15042:structure has no member named 'pos'
 interpreter.c:15043:structure has no member named 'pos'
 I think this is from the lines:
 if (d->pos<0)
  d->pos = create_entry(GET_NAME(d->character));
 That is where pos is used...
 Well...I couldnt figure it out..so i commented it out...to see if there 
 were any other errors...there werent, so I ran the MUD(after doing a 
 player wipe) and tried to get on...I got all the way up to
 where I select a class to be...I enter choice and then it said:
            Memory Fault - Core Dumped
 Then the MUD crashed...Is this because I commented out those lines, or 
 is it something else?...
 I'd really appreciate any help you could be on this matter...
 Please let me know...My E-mail is danpatti@dreamscape.com
 Im going to be having about 10 different races when im done.
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