Re: [Circle][OFF-TOPIC] Newbie Coders

From: Wizard Productions (
Date: 11/05/96

That is very good advice.  I would like you opinion though, (I totaly
agree with everything you have said.)  Would you consider it a bad thing
to ask for outside help on a possibly difficult mod that you are not able
to do youself.  I for instance know the basics of C and how to work around
in it, (have already done many mods on my MUD that could be considered
failrly basic but every mod I do I learn something).  I spent allot of
time hacking in PennMUSH and learning the way things interface in this
kind of system then decided to try to put up a mud for my self with a
freind.  I can handle most of the mods by RTM and spending brain melting
hourse infront of the code staring at it.  But I forsee a possible hack I
want to do that may be beyond my skill level.  

(excuse me if this is kind of chaotic Im not used to writing coherent
things at this hour of the morning.  Maybee thats why I code so well at
this time [; )  

I just ask becuase you say its not smart to jump in with no skill in it
but if you are on your way and not helpless would it be cool to ask for
help on difficult things.  

Heh I am thinking now that this was prolly a really redundant letter and
made no sense what so ever.  If you feel like responding do so.

WIZARD PRODUCTIONS, Making The Majic In Movies...

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