From: Scott AJ (
Date: 11/05/96

Erm what Amy/Ryan said is actually a very valid point, but I already can
add classes really easily because on one of the files i have downloaded
from the circlemud.ord ftp site had a nice guide how to add classes. How
about we try and get all such document together and put them into a nice
file and send it to all us newbie coders to read?
 Anyone fancy doing a help guide to the following?;
Adding races,
adding spells,
adding skills,
changing levels,

Can anyone thing of anything else? It would be really nice if we can get a
decent basic file together and then send it to Jeremy Elson to shove into
the circle patch 11/12 DOC files..
 Then again someone might have done this before, if so anyone know where i
can get a copy?

Yours Alex Scott aka Amoeba

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