Re[2]: [Circle][OFF-TOPIC] IDIOTS
Date: 11/05/96

One suggestion for this is to do something similar to what I did.  Before I 
started to code on MUD's, I had only knowledge of the following languages: 
BASIC, Pascal, Hyperyalk/Supertalk, Lingo & some robotics languages (I'm an 
Electromechanical Engineering Technichian/Programmer)  I didn't want to 
learn to  program in MUD's by jumping in and starting to code.  I knew that 
I wouldn't get anywhere.  What I did was get on a MUD, and asked if I could 
do coding to become a god.  I just wanted a low level god at first.  Sammy 
(the same one on the list) was the one I dealt with and he helped me out a 
bit, by telling me what files to look at to add new races (as that was some 
of my first coding that I did)  After a few months, I went on and started 
asking more detailed questions and looking at more advanced code.  Finally 
I sat down and looked at a piece of code I couldn't understand when I 
started and tried to decipher what it did.  I found that after a couple 
months of learning by 'hack coding' I could understand the basics of 
CircleMUD programming, even though I had no formal training in C.  My next 
step after learning as much as I could about C from CircleMUD code was to 
grab a book.  It's a good book entitled "C in Plain English" by Brian 
Overland.  It's a great book to learn most of C's syntax, and it even helps 
you understand pointers (which still scare me, although I can use struct & 
char pointers with little problem)

This is the same thing I did and am doing.  I seems to be working.  I'm 
even using the same book.  I would also recommend getting a Unix book.  I 
think getting the books earlier in the learning cycle is a good idea 
because things like bit-shift and modulus operators are used all over the 
place to do simple math functions and these can be very frustrating unless 
you have a book that tells you what >> or % means.

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