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From: JTRhone (
Date: 11/05/96

On Wed, 6 Nov 1996, Chi Hoai Tran wrote:

>   I believe in this strongly - that is why when I give out tips, I
> merely give a general guideline which should be no trouble at all for
> an average C coder.  Anyways, if you think you can run a mud without
> that much knowledge of C - go for it.  
Here is my opinion / process on helping ppl on the list, which is quite
similar.  I usually say "Hmm, you would prolly wanna look here and here at
so and so..." then perhaps a little snippet of pseudo code to get the
average C coder on this list the ability to work it out for themselves.
When I simply post code, 2 things happen.  1) I get flamed by the self
proclaimed gurus how much better it could be and 2) whoever takes the code
basically learns nothing and will ask a similar question 3 days later.
Of course, when it's something non trivial, like spawning off shells, I
have no problem handin out code, cause then I want you gurus to rip it
apart.  IMHO there are basically two types of newbies here, those who ask
for assistance which I don't mind helpin out, and those who lean more
towards demanding for everybody else to give them code... blah blah I
won't waste more bandwidth on this :P

> BUT, if you have mudders like
> what we get on Dark Realms, you will be in BIG trouble.  They are the
> reasons I can give out how to dupe eq recipes *grin*.  No matter
> how many backdoors etc I close off, those mudders find more ways to
> crash the mud.
Yes!  In fact, I give out 5 levels to whoever finds a crash bug on RoA and
reports it.  (course I annihilate anyone who exploits one :P)

>   My advice to you - spend hours and hours on the code, just reading
> it before you even think about putting the mud up, but then again,
> you might not be fortunate (?) enough to have the same mudders as mine.

jtrhone aka vall RoA

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