[Circle] [Newbie] Win95 Questions

From: Dave (Draked@cit.Citadel.edu)
Date: 11/06/96

DJ Pure wrote:
>Has anyone successfully done the following on Win95 with the stock code
>ported for that?

>3. created a bat file so when the game crashes, it auto loads again?

Make a run.bat file containing this:
Make sure you get your paths correct.
When you type shutdown, it will try to compile any files your changed and
reboot the mud.  Hope this helps.

cd c:\circle~1\src
cd c:\circle~1
call run.bat

>Thanks all, and please don't flame me for using MS. I know it sucks, but i
>sorta have to use it becuase i'm don't have Linux and ain't gonna get it.


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