[Circle] Re: AI & roleplaying.

Date: 11/06/96

I've been thinking along these lines too.  My idea is to use maxed out 
player characters as "mobs" making level 30 players pkillable, but players 
below level 30 not pkillable.  The 30th level characters would be allowed 
to build a strongholds like in AD&D (which would involve them paying for 
the stronghold (like in AD&D) and submitting the requisite world files.  
Although I have an olc I'm not sure I want to give building permissions to 
these players.

The stronghold would be put into existing zones in the circle world.  
Design of the stronghold would be like in AD&D with a charge per room and a 
charge for each mob inserted.  The need for tons of gold to finance 
building would give players an incentive to continue playing even though 
they no longer level or maybe level very slowly (to 31st, 32nd etc).

The strongholds would be like minizones that players could adventure in.  
Most of the time, the castle owner won't be home (i.e. not connected) but 
sometimes you may catch him at home and can then try to kill him.  Here you 
have the challenge of trying to kill a really intelligent mob - a player.

A related twist on this theme is a mercenary class of pkillable fighters 
that castle owners can hire.  By paying a cetain fee you can get a 
ready-made 5th level mercenary for example.  These character can then be 
used in pkill battles against other lords and their mercenaries.   You can 
even try to level him yourself (but remember they are sitting ducks for 
regular players who have the pkill protection) The castle-owners will have 
to get some RL friends who would be willing to play the mercs.  

The idea of having two groups of players fighting a war with each other in 
a mud setting may be sufficiently appealling to players to motivate them to 
do all the work in setting it up (a key feature of my idea - I do 
relatively little, the morts do a lot of the work).

OK now my question.  Has this been done.  If so, did it or can it work, or 
am I doomed to failure?
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