Re: [Circle] [Code idea] Mounts.. ARGH!
Date: 11/06/96

In a message dated 96-11-05 14:27:08 EST, you write:

> > If I want my mounts to have their OWN FULL/THIRST/DRUNK points,
>  > am I going to have to copy/edit/modify/hack db.c and CREATE()
>  > a mob with a unique RNUM every time a mount is purchased?
>  > As is, I've got FULL/THIRST/DRUNK working - for one hour.  
>  > After that hour, EVERY copy of that mob on the mud has these 
>  > stats reset to 0, regardless if said copy of that mob has 
>  > a special IS_MOUNT flag set or not..
>  You could create a seperate linked list for these mounts and just run
>  through the short list after/before running through the player list
>  when you pass through the section that updates the players points.  This
>  way you don't run through the huge list of *all* mobs to find the IS_MOUNT
>  flags.  You'd have to add a pointer to the mobs to put them in a new list
>  or use C++ and put them in a list container (sorry, can't help it ;).

Hmm... A dynamic linked list...That might work..  But
wouldn't I have the same problem with the RNUMs, even
if it is indeed in the linked list?  (The way I'm doing 
the check now for IS_MOUNT is for each (ch), just
like it was a character...

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