From: Wizard Productions (keldor@rain.org)
Date: 11/07/96

Hey there.  This is just a short little blurb to the newbie coders who are
feeling frustrated.  I started my first attempt at coding CircleMUD five
days ago with very little C knowledge and had very little knowledge of the
workings of this style of system. (only quick glances and small string
mods to PennMUSH).  In the last couple days I have amazed my self with the
complexity of mods I am getting up to.  This is not to say that I am good
yet :) but I have learned ALLOT in five days and have basicly turned the
system inside out.  I did this by looking through the code and looking at
all the examples.  I also searched for every example of code I could find
that would help with the specific mod I was working on.  If you can be
persistant and keep hacking away at the code and dont mind spending allot
of time staring and meaningles junk you will get better.  Also dont be
afraid to ask questions.  They may not appriciate silly questions like
what file to raise levels in on this list, but if you are seriorusly
stummped and have a good question to ask, DO IT! you will never learn if
you dont ask!  And I know there are many people on here who would be
willing to help you, if you are willing to take the time on your own and
do as much as you possibly can.  

Ok so it wasnt short but I sure hope it helped some of you...

P.S.  Thanks to the people who gave me tips these last few days, I
couldn't have done it without ya :) 

(This sounds like an acceptant speach, yechh.) 

Thanatos@iCE-Dawn MUD

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