Re: [Circle] strcat player.long_descr

From: Desmond Daignault, Text DBA Contractor (
Date: 11/07/96

On Thu, 7 Nov 1996, Superman wrote:

:> > BUT, instead, i get:
:> >                      A foul looking thief sneaks about.
:> >                      [Red Aura]
:	I've looked over all the code right up to where my problem is
:printed out. I of course was looking for an extra \r\n somewhere. But,
:i'm not able to find any. I searched for every single instance that
:long_descr is used, and none of them are doing anything wrong. I'm
:stumped. :(

Take a look in act.informative.c in the function list_one_char(). This is
where it builds the string to be displayed when a player does a "look" in
a room. If the "act" function is used to display the long_descr, then it
will append a \r\n to the end of it.


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